Ways How Blogging Helps SEO

With Google bringing out new modifications to its algorithm regularly, it becomes a herculean task to drive up your ratings. As we get comfortable with the rules, Google continuously turn out strategies upside down, leaving us bewildered.

Good Content

If content is King, Google knows how to value fresh content. Search engines like Google & Bing are out to provide quality web pages. If you update your blog quite often with fresh and neatly written content, it is more likely that Google finds it and improve its ranking as needed. If you are a blogger, it’s your responsibility to create content which fosters relationship with the users followed by maintaining a stature as an expert in your field and most significantly appease Google to up your index rankings.


Although backlinking has become an obsolete term and Google is giving lesser priority, but still it can do good to develop relationship with other websites and brands in the right manner. Well, if you pay for your link, make sure you add in no follow designation, or else there is a chance of getting penalized. Select websites that suits well with your blog’s persona. You are most likely going to get a ding from Google if its crawlers find entirely different websites linked to yours. Remember, quality links from leading websites are most likely to get you Google’s ranking favors.


Keywords at times were ruling the roost. Google tend to punish those who tend to stuff keywords in their blogs and websites. It is more of a long tail keywords and phrases that user is likely to search. Honestly speaking, customers search for queries to solve the dilemmas they come across in everyday lives.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can get you some amazing SEO results to your blog. For this to happen, you need to be bit careful. By following the Google’s guidelines, the guest blog is certainly going to drive traffic to your blog.

Finally, if social media is utilized the right way, it can boost the SEO of your website. Since you add Google+, Facebook and other social media sites to your website, the search engines tend to link them to your site as users search for your blogs and services.


Ways to Earn Money Online Without a Website

images-8Everyone talks about making money on the Internet, but they tell you the exact way of going about it. Obviously, the Internet is like a big treasure chest of which everyone wants their share. Why shouldn’t you be entitled to some part too then? All you need to do is some good research, by putting in your time and effort, and you too can make money without having to spend a penny. Those who argue that you simply must have a website to earn money are clearly mistaken.

Content Writing
Online content writing is a great opportunity to earn money online. A lot of websites allow voluntary authors to submit articles on various subjects, and pay them on a per-article basis. In short, you get paid for the amount you write. Now, everyone may not be a born writer, but you don’t need to have extraordinary writing skills to write for the web. Your language should be simple and comprehensible, and there is no reason why you will not be able to make it in this field.

The world of freelancing is not just limited to writing. That is why this option is being discussed separately. From freelance graphic design, to freelance resume writing, the options are endless. If you have a skill, you can make the most of it by honing it and selling it online. And at least in the initial stages, you do not need a website to sell this skill. You can simply accept orders via email, and complete them in the same manner. Even teenagers as young as 13 have made advantage of this option over the Internet..

Selling Stuff on eBay
Another boon is eBay, where you can sell anything, from spare car parts to furniture. A lot of people scout through garage sales to find antiques and valuables, that are then sold at a good price on eBay. To be able to find out what sells like hot cakes on eBay, make use of the tool the website provides called ‘what’s hot’, that tells you about the top selling items on eBay. This does not mean you don’t get to sell other items. You can also make your own products and put them up for sale on eBay. The website also provides tutorials on how to sell and how to increase your sales to make maximum profits. Make use of this tool to earn a good amount of money.

Google AdSense
For this method, you don’t need a website of your own, but you will require a blog. The idea is to make a blog using the website called Blogger (by Google). Now, you will have to do a little keyword research to find the most trending topics online. This you may do using Google Adwords, or using Google suggest, to learn about the kind of information people are looking for, and start writing on these topics. However, ensure you write on topics you are aware of. Then apply for Google AdSense, that will then begin posting ads on your blog pertaining to the information in your article. Every click on an ad will get you some money. To get traffic on your blog, not only should you write on trendy subjects, but also post the link to your blog on your social networking profile, so that word spreads.

Affiliate Marketing
If you assume that Internet affiliate marketing is possible only if you have your own website, this is not true. A lot of websites allow you to provide referrals to resources readers can use by posting relevant ads, and you get the entire ad revenue every time someone clicks on it. There are numerous affiliate marketing directories online, on which you can register and learn in detail about the entire affiliate marketing process.

Online Stock Trading
Those of you who are aware of the intricacies of intra-day trading can easily make the most of this facility provided by different stock broking companies. You can trade in stocks online and earn your profits, without a website, blog, writing, or any type of marketing or selling. This is a great option for seasoned stock traders. Even amateurs in the field can start by trading in small amounts, and then learn about the process to make larger profits.

Best Ways your Website Can Gain Popularity Online

download-2Promoting your website or your blog through media platforms is the best way to garner maximum amount of publicity. Today, sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and several other social media portals are the best way to endorse your business, product, service, and blog or company website. If your website gets shared on one of these media outlets be assured that whatever your website it will become an instant success. In the wake of a media revolution where social networking sites have become a primary source for promotion there is a growing need for the use social media marketing for your website.

If your website has been made keeping in mind a certain target audience, the use of these social media marketing sites are the best way to promote it. The use of the social media today is a compulsion if you are looking for a 360 degree promotion technique with regards to the internet. This also ensures that your website will get an all round perspective from a variety of viewers. The development of technology has only been a boon as far as gaining popularity and publicity is concerned.

When you contact an SEO specialist to help with social media marketing, they will be responsible for generating content that will go up on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This content, once published, will help bring in more visitors to your website. The specialists will also formulate content for blog posts that will go on to the blog of your website. The writers who are responsible for matter that will get published online are key players in your campaign, and responsible for the marketing of your product, website, product or service. Successful marketing will lead to an increase in the profits that you will make.

The SEO specialist will play in the entire process of providing social media marketing service is one that is of prime importance; therefore it is necessary to choose a good SEO professional to help you take your brand to the next level. Once you have chosen the right professional, you will be asked to choose the platforms through which you would want them to promote your business. After that, the whole responsibility of social media marketing will be in his hands. They will keep you informed about what progress your website is making and will also take into consideration the changes that have to be made if you think it is necessary.

With social media marketing, you will notice a visible change in your business. It is t essential to build on your online presence and promote your site on all media platforms on the internet. It will also help with regards to reputation management and facilitating a two-way communication between you and your clients, this is one of the most important tools as far as optimization of your business is considered. So hire a good SEO company whose main aim will be only to increase the profits of your business.