Easy Tips for Busy Management Accountants

Working more hours at the office, short weekends, spend too little time with family, kids and friends…. All of these are signs of busy season for many accountants. To be able to complete tasks a person needs training as well as one must be in peak physical form. Here we discuss some suggestions on exactly how to exceed during the rigors of busy season.

1. Make to do list: “to-do list” is a prioritized list of all tasks that you need to carry out. In this list you mention everything that you need to do, with the most vital tasks at the top of the list, and the least important tasks at the bottom. By keeping such a list, write down all of your tasks in one place, so you don’t forget anything important.

2. Keep work and personal time separate: Arrange your business and personal time separate. Because, it doesn’t make you a more effective employee or person. You need the ability to unroll, and carrying work home properly. If you’re a home-based worker, keep your work space separate from your personal space so you can stress-free enjoy with your family.

3. Periodic and consequent exercise: Exercise plays very important role in daily busy routine life. It’s not only important for your body, even also important for your brain. Exercising for 20 minutes a day improves information processing as well as memory functions. This implies you additionally get a brain boost by hitting the gym or going for a jog.

Now-a-days, numerous firms organize fitness classes or sports events inside or outside the office to keep their employees in shape and also help to make some change, fun and reduce stress.

4. Eat and Sleep: When you are working a shift schedule, eating and exercise habits can endure. People who work shifts sometime skip meals, eat irregularly, eat unhealthy food, and may hard to keep up a regular exercise schedule. One must have to take care about their diet and sleep for work well.

5. Audit your schedule in advance: Don’t forget to check schedule for your next day before leaving for the day. At the weekend, look at all of your scheduled appointments for the following week. This will give you time to subconsciously prepare and ensure that you don’t disregard imperative things.

6. Stick your meeting programme: Always set a time frame for your meetings. Because clear agenda will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any meeting, yet it is the most overlooked part.

7. Schedule time to complete task: When you put off a difficult task due to the complexity, you’re wasting time and worrying by dawdling. Also, a cluttered mind obstructs thinking. When you begin, you’ll likely wind up on a roll and work beyond the time to get it done. So schedule your time to complete your task.

8. Take advantage of commute time: Each day one can receive many e-mails. Most of these are pointless, some of all need to be read, a handful require a careful read, and a couple need prompt consideration. During the course of the day, scan your email to find the ones that need immediate attention. The rest of the e-mails are left for some other free time. During commute home on the train, bang through all remaining emails.

Simple Home Business Marketing Ideas for You

Home business marketing can be done both inexpensively and effectively with clever use of the advertising resources available to you. When you start a home business the biggest challenge is finding customers for your product or service. Use these practical solutions for advertising your home business while working within your budget.

Make your own business cards

It is simple and inexpensive to design and print your own business cards. If you have some computer skills you can create your own business cards in a program such as Publisher and use a desktop printer to print a number of cards. Alternatively you can take your design ideas to a commercial printer to help you create and print your business cards. Some online business card services let you put your own information into a standard layout or to customize one of their layouts from about $20 for 500 cards.

Make the best use of your business card for home business marketing with these tips:

  • Never leave home without your business cards. At any relevant opportunity hand out your business card. A trip to the grocery store can be a constructive networking opportunity.
  • When giving out your business card ask for a referral. Simply state that you would appreciate a referral if they know of anyone who could use your services.
  • Make use of social gatherings. Don’t discount events such as birthday parties as an opportunity to tell people about your business and hand out your business card.
  • Always include your business card when you supply a customer with your product. For example when you deliver a gift basket make sure your business card is inside the basket. This results in both new and repeat business.
  • Purchase an inexpensive business card stand and place about 10 – 20 cards in different locations such as your gas station, hairdresser, local convenience store, beauty salons, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and health clinics etc.

You can take it a step further and turn your business card into a promotional item that can be used such as a fridge magnet, drink coaster or book mark.

Make a flyer for your home business

Flyers are a very affordable and effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers. You can either design and print your own flyer on your home computer using anything from MS Word to Publisher. Free flyer templates are available on the web or you can use a commercial printer. How you write and design your flyer is all important to getting the reader’s attention and making sure your flyer works for you.

Snappy headlines, good graphics and a strong call to action all help to get the reader’s interest. Make sure your message speaks directly to the reader by highlighting what’s in it for them to use your product or service. Words like “You” and “Your” are much more effective than “”We” and “Us”.

Make the best use of your flyer for home business marketing with these tips:

  • Target your potential customers both demographically and geographically. If you are offering a dog walking service your potential customers are people who are at work all day, elderly people and people who live in apartments. Your flyers will find a receptive audience in offices, retirement communities and large apartment buildings.
  • Focus on the benefit of your product or service to the reader. People generally want something that will solve their problems and make their lives easier and better. Tell the reader how your product does this.
  • Include endorsements and testimonials in your flyer. People want to be able to trust a product or service.
  • Offer a discount or something free. A special offer included in your flyer encourages people to keep it and not bin it.

These are two of the least expensive approaches to home business marketing. Use them properly and they can be an efficient and effective way to find customers.


Tips on Buying Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are a great business to go into if you are into the whole health and beauty lifestyle. If you have a particular interest in studying beauty therapy and you have the dream of starting your own salon one day, then it is important for you to set a few goals that will help you achieve that. You may not be the type of person that wants to work for a boss for the rest of your life or you simply prefer the freedom to do your own thing, either way you would be best suited to have your own salon and run it the way you want to.

When it comes to handling a business on your own, the biggest asset you can have is experience and you will need to make sure that you have a fair amount of it before you venture out into the big world and buy yourself a new beauty salon. That is why you need to spend one or two years building up that experience by working for someone else. When you work for a boss, you begin to learn what is good and what is not in terms of how you handle your customers and your employees. When you eventually get your own salon and you have your own employees, then at least you will treat them the way you know they want to be treated instead of being the horrible boss that you never used to like.

When you do decide to buy a beauty salon and you have gone through the whole process of getting your qualification and the work experience, you also need to make sure that you know and understand the business side of things as well. You need to understand marketing and accounting concepts, as well as tax and managing your expenses. You could be the best beautician in the world but you it won’t help you to run your own business if you have no idea how to do it.

Fortunately there is an alternative for you that will help you get started in the right direction, even if you have very little business savvy at all. beauty salons that are affiliated through a franchise company are the ideal way to go. They offer you a chance to get a business started and at the same time they give you all the support and assistance you need to turn your salon into a successful little business.

All you need to do is be prepared for the capital layout in the beginning and make sure you are qualified by the time you are ready to start.


Best Tips For Small Business Management

Small business management is a science unto itself, and is not simply implementing general business strategies on a smaller scale. While this may work in some instances, managing a small business requires unique strategies and structure implementation.

Knowledge is not Enough.

Being an academic expert in the field associated with a particular small business does not guarantee success. While an intimate knowledge may lead to increased customer confidence, it does not guarantee the business will be structured in a way conducive to long-term financial success. Intelligent owners need to hire or outsource people with the correct skills to compliment their knowledge base.

Avoid Mixing Business Relationships.

In many cases, small business owners have a contact base comprised mostly of their friends or former colleagues. Hiring these individuals is often a mistake as the business nature of the relationship will be contaminated by the previous nature of the relationship.

Internal Promotion is Not Always the Best Option.

Working closely with certain individuals for an extended period of time leads to an intimate relationship, often wandering into the realm of friendship. This relationship often clouds the evaluative process of the business relationship. Unqualified individuals can only harm the business.

Develop A Strategy.

Many first-time business owners believe that they can run a successful operation based sole on their passion and hard-work. Unfortunately, know amount of work can compensate for a poor or absent long-term plan. Even a general or vague strategy is better than simply approaching every day with no set plan.


A daily routine and a set schedule are crucial for instilling confidence in both customers and employees. It is also useful for ensuring that payments are met, and repetitive meetings are not missed.


Finding Best Business Management Software

As real world business scenario is very demanding as everyone face countless challenges to run any organization. It requires lot of efforts and improvements regularly to run a business in this competitive world and best business software plays a major role to handle it in a better way. Many applications are available on the Internet sites that are helpful to run a huge entrepreneurship or a small scale industry. From data management to marketing strategies, there is an application for every single purpose in the market. Various sites provide top business software or free business management software in simple steps with full protection from harmful threats.

In the growth of today’s companies the apps play strong role in making their working user friendly and effective with an intuitive interface. They make the management of data or records so easy and also helps to solve the complex calculations. Always choose the best software to manage the organization from the trusted websites that ensures you safe and reliable download. See the reviews or their features before downloading them on the system and prefer the registered ones from the original developers. Keep some points in mind while choosing the app that suits your working plans and gives the best results to you.

Here are some major aspects to select a best software for business management:

Inventory management

Inventory plays an important role in any type of industry, so always choose the application that performs simple and easy to handle management. Data records should be in understandable format while preparing databases in the app utility.

Multi user access

It should be multiple user supportable with reliability and also safety of credentials. In an organization there are many people works, so multi user access is necessary. View the reviews of the application or try a demo before installing it on the machine.

Data management

Data algorithms are used to store records of any industry, the app must have the ability of storing data in an organized manner. Searching should be quick in it with relevance of results, and also some advanced options to refine the search results.

Online project management

It should also work with live projects of the organization with complete customization. The app must be the ability to control or manage the online projects with full data reports and flowchart graphs.

Security & privacy

Security of data and the records is a very essential part for running any business. So the software must provide strong protection from unauthorized accesses or other threats that may harm the data. It provide unique and secure id’s to login into the accounts.

Help & support

Help and support option is for any future queries or problems regarding any work in the application. It lets user the solutions in step by step or provides help online too.

There are many websites over the Internet that provides free business management software or other small business software to boost up your working of organization. Always prefer the trusted sites that provides safe & secure download of apps to your machine according to needs.


Ways to Buy Best Business Management Books

Buying business management books can be a pricey thing at times, especially if you are behind something that is going to provide you with useful and important information. So there are a number of points that are value bearing in mind when going after such books. Let us take a look at some easy tips to help you get exactly what you are seeking in your business management books.

Mull over the Author and Publication

Begin by checking out the author and the publication linked with the book. If you see that the book is written by one of the prominent authors who have already provided the readers with some very good books in the past, chances are you are going to lay your hands on one of the better books that your money can buy.

Usually renowned publications will only cope with good books with quality content. Therefore, focused to the publication can also help you with buying a good book on the topic that you are after.

Read the Summary and Reviews

Never forget to read the summary provided with the book. This will give you a clear idea concerning what the book has been written on and therefore if the book contains the information and topics that you are after specifically. Read through the reviews on the business management books to get an even better idea on this.

You may get into reviews on the internet. Merely search for the books online and try to see if there are reviews available as well. Such reviews will also give you a good idea regarding how good the book is.

Compare with the Other Books

Make a list of all the available books in the market on the topic that you are after. Then compare each of the books with the others existing. This will let you understand whether the book you are buying is going to be the best amongst the others available, and whether or not you are spending too much money on it.

Comparing and then buying the book will also let you be aware of a number of things that become imperative. Initially, you will be able to understand which books have missed out on the necessary topics, how easy the language is to understand, and whether or not the information is accurate and important and worth the money you are about to be spending on the book.


Finding Business Management Tools

The modern day market is very competitive. New companies of various fields spring up every day. It is very difficult for the new entrants to make their name in this world and succeed because just having a good product is not enough. A whole lot more than a good product goes into the process of progression of businesses. Similarly, it can be said that the old, already established enterprises cannot continue to hold their position if they do not keep up with the modern society. Therefore, a good product is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for the success of a company. Strategies and planning are as important as products. This is why, business intelligence tools are used.

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of programs that are adapted by companies because BI has the potential of helping the businesses in tactical fields and when it comes to these competitive markets, importance of business tactics cannot be understated.

There are many tools that have been developed for optimizing strategies of companies. The categories of the tools are mainly Spreadsheets, online analytical processing (OLAP), Reporting and querying software, Data mining, Digital warehousing and Local information systems.

The interactivity of the tools of business management is a major reason why they are so successful. The companies are able to use them in a way that will prove advantageous to them in the market and make the company stable. Some examples of application tools are given below.

A web based open source application called TACTIC has been developed by Southpaw Technology, Toronto. It is a digital asset management system designed to help companies manage production and company environment.

Visualization is important from the client’s point of view. Datacopia is an application that creates charts and graphical representations of the data stored. Open source software, by Eclipse, is BIRT project. Developed in Java and Java EE, the goal of this application is to tackle reporting needs.

In today’s competitive world, every business needs to be effective in order to survive it the long term. For that purpose it definitely needs some effective business management tools which will help it to stand out in the crowd. The business management tools discussed above will definitely help any business to adapt itself to the current pace so that it can become leader in the industry.

Finding Businesss Management Consultant

Their Role in Media Planning

Media planning and buying is an important marketing function. Companies need to use the right medium while targeting their audience. Business Management Consultants help organisations to use the right medium and measure the performance of the marketing activity. Media planning essentially answers these fundamental questions:

Media planning helps in answering these basic questions:

a. Where to advertise? Market research helps in identifying which market their competitors are using. Either using primary or secondary data, the target market segmentation is done. Which part of the country would it be more successful and the medium that part uses.

b. Who to advertise for? The company’s potential buyer needs to be identified, the person earning the most in the family might buy the product, but it could be used by some other individual in the same household. Research again helps in targeting these products accurately.

c. How much to advertise? The media budget is based on this, the more frequently the advertisement is shown or viewed or aired the costlier it is the purchase the medium for the given time and space. Specifying the time is a must when the ad campaign is on a television or a radio.

Some companies prefer in-house planners, business management consultants usually have a team of individuals, who are selected based on the client. Business management consultants can make his/her group according to the project or client they have. Certain brands invest highly in media planning and at times some don’t, depending on this a team can be formed.

What is media planning?

Media planning is a highly specialised service; the planner needs to have a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour, purchasing habits of various brands and the medium of communication which is popular with their consumers. Based on these factors the consultant chooses the right medium or media, depending on how much the client is willing to spend. Media planning is a function that helps in determining the most effective manner of spending the advertiser’s money/ investment across media so as to generate the best Return of Investment (ROI) for the company.

The consultant needs to understand that mediums of communication are now merging, previously each medium print, radio and television were being targeted separately. Now with the online medium the three traditional mediums have converted into one. Marketing is now a two way communication, consumers and brand interact using social media.

The major steps involved in media planning are:

• Clients Marketing Brief: This brief is provided by the client, it contains details about the product, its functions and the competitive advantage and the portfolio of products and services they offer. High and low selling products are highlighted, this help in the SWOT analysis. The media that they are currently using, the market segments that they are targeting and how much they are currently spending on media. The client specifies their marketing objectives in this brief.

• Advertising Agency brief: This brief explains the creative execution of the campaign; this is usually done by a boutique or an agency that handles creative advertising designs.

• Media Planning brief: The advertising agency comes up with the advertising brief the media planner or business management consultant helps to arrive at a media plan. The media brief contains media objectives; this helps in deciding which media to choose, how many times and at when. The brief includes definition of target segment and information about their competitors. Understanding how much their competitors are spending, the medium they are using and how many times in a day or month are they disseminating the advertisement.

Media planning is an important management function and business management consultants help in creating the media planning brief. At times companies use to wrong medium to disseminate their marketing efforts, business management consultant help in choosing the right medium in the current market scenario.


Ways to Advertise Your Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business requires you to undertake a number of different advertising strategies to reach out to your target market. While some of these can be easily afforded, there are a few which are expensive. However, consider the advertising expenditure as your investment which will help communicate about your business to your prospective customers. This is even more vital, if you are not an established business and are relatively new in the market. This calls for special efforts which will help get the attention of your target market. If you are thinking about maximizing your advertising to gain profit, the upcoming sections will guide you on how to advertise your lawn care business.


Book advertising spaces in the local newspapers, magazines, community publications, church publications, etc. For a business like yours, this type of advertising will not go unnoticed. There are many people who have a large lawn, but have no time to mow or maintain it. Such people are always on the lookout for a good business. Hence, investing in this traditional medium of advertising can reap you a good profit.


Get a printing vendor to print flyers for you at an affordable rate. Generally, you will have to pay lesser for a bulk print order. Mail these flyers to homeowners in residential areas with lawns. You can also distribute them at home improvement shops, malls, supermarkets, parking lots, etc. However, you may have to take their permission before handing out flyers at these outlets. Many believe that flyers are a waste of money; however, contrary to popular belief, they will help bring more and more profit for the business.


Put up posters at a number of places like community billboards, church boards, supermarkets, malls, hardware shops, etc. Let people see the poster and be compelled to call you. Ensure that the poster is designed in an attractive way and conveys the message in minimum words. Also, tell people about the various schemes you will offer through the poster.


This is one business that can benefit through referrals. Just imagine, if you have 5 happy and satisfied customers and they recommend your services to 10 others, your business will expand rapidly. Getting a referral lends credibility to your service. Hence, ensure that your customers like your work and approach you for repeat services or recommend you to their family and friends.


First and foremost, get your business enlisted in the yellow pages and other directories. Yes, there are many people who are not Internet savvy, and depend on these directories to find services like yours. So, don’t underestimate the power of advertising in a hardbound directory. Similarly, there are many online directories where you can enlist your business.

Online Listing

Try to register your business on websites which enlist various services like Craigslist. This will help people, who will be searching for a lawn care business, to find your contact details. This will enable you to get maximum number of customers. Many such websites also show customer ratings and reviews. Hence, ensure that your service is such that you do not face criticism on these websites. Try to get yourself registered on the BBB website, as it will lend credibility to your business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows or home improvement fairs are the right platform to promote your lawn care business. If you cannot afford to get an entire stall, you can go for a smaller booth. It will give you an opportunity to interact with the prospective customers on a one-on-one basis and also lend you an opportunity to get service contracts signed at the venue. You can also hand out your marketing material along with a small branded gift.

Business Cards

Having professionally designed business cards is a must. You will have to hand them out to prospective customers whenever you get a chance. Try to hand over more than one card at a time so that the person can give them to others who need it.


Get a decent website designed for your service. Try to show the before and after photos of the lawn once you have mowed it. Images can speak a lot more than words; hence, incorporating such photos will speak about your lawn caring capabilities. Try to include testimonials from your customers. If you can book lawn care orders online and process the payment, there’s nothing like it. Also, the website should rank when someone searches for specific keywords related to lawn care, so optimize your website for search engine use.

Vehicle Branding
You can use your business vehicle or truck to brand your logo. This can be costly, but it will serve the purpose of advertising as the vehicle will travel all over the city and people will read about your business.

Radio Ads

Sponsoring spots on local radio stations and adding a catchy jingle or two can make people remember you. This can help generate a good brand recall and recognition. Also, advertising on a local radio station will not cost much.

Discounts, Coupons, and Other Schemes

You have to come up with interesting discounts, free service, and other schemes to gain a competitive edge. Try to distribute discount coupons to people who will recommend your service to others. Keep introducing such innovative schemes to make profit.

✦ Put up door hangers, advertising your business details.

✦ Network with allied businessmen to promote your business.

✦ Try to put yard signs in certain areas.

✦ Distribute branded merchandise like car magnets, refrigerator magnets, mugs, key chains, etc.

Whatever advertising and promotional investment you are making, ensure that you calculate the return on investment to know whether you are on the right track. In the end, make sure that every advertising strategy which you implement leaves the customers mighty impressed.

Ways to Start a Successful Online Dating Website

According to the 6th edition of Marketdata study conducted by the website marketresearch in the field of dating services, in 2012, the market was worth USD 2.1 billion in the U.S. Out of this, online dating services comprised 53% of the market’s value.

As we can clearly see, online dating is big business, and hosting or creating a dating website can be a fairly lucrative and interesting way to earn money. However, there are certain things that you should be completely aware of before starting a dating website.

Firstly, you will have to complete all the necessary formalities, and acquire the required business licenses and permits. You will need to handle tax formalities, and appoint a CPA and legal adviser for your business. You will also need a thorough business plan in place to ensure a successful launch. Here are few essential tips to understand how to start a dating website.

Select a Niche

» There are various niches in the online dating business. In fact, people are exploring new niches all the while. Apart from the regular categories, there can be specific sites for same-sex singles, geeks, nerds, gadget-freaks, trekkers, pet owners, book lovers, sci-fi fans, etc.

» You name it, and there will be an existing dating website catering to that niche. You will have to conduct a thorough market study before you zero in on a niche. Remember, the more specific your niche, the lesser will be the number of users.

» However, when you begin, try to find a niche that does not have too many players, in order to thwart competition and establish yourself as a leading dating website in that niche.

Design a User-friendly Website

» Create an attractive, website that has a user-friendly interface. If not on your own, you can hire professionals for this purpose. You can buy dating website templates, scripts, software, etc. available online. It is always better to go for paid dating scripts, as this will enable you to utilize many of its features. You can visit DateMill and WordPress for free dating scripts.

» Remember to be consistent in your theme and design. For example, if you are trying to create a dating website for trekkers, then the design should show romantic couples trekking. The theme of your business and website should complement each other. Also, lend a pleasing and appealing look to the site, which might trigger thoughts about companionship and finding love.

» Use brand identity, iconography, graphics etc., that will pep up the appeal of the website. Remember to ensure that your site is visible on computers, mobiles, and tablets. Ensure that the website is search engine optimized and all the right keywords have been tagged.

Create Apps

» Remember, today, a majority of online users have smartphones, hence, making an app for the same is imperative.

» You will have to create apps for your websites on different platforms, and make them available on the website.

» This will include apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows7 phones. This will enable people to access the website from their smartphones.

Charge for Your Services

» It is always better to get a paid website as it gives an impression that you are reliable service provider. There are various ways in which you can charge money for your dating services.

» One way is keeping the membership absolutely free, and allowing Google Adsense to generate income for you. Some online dating websites have free access, but ask you to enroll as a member to chat or communicate with other members on the site.

» Some offer free basic membership, and ask you to pay for an upgraded version that has enhanced features. While other websites allow ads for affiliate offers from other brands. You can visit Commission Junction to find out more about affiliates. When people click on the ads, you get paid for it.

Add Innovation

» There are many websites which offer a chemistry test and suggest people with whom you may be most compatible. Some sites ask you to fill a questionnaire, and based on the information you provide, their algorithm finds a suitable match for you. Some even offer the convenience of a video chat. However, incorporating all these features can be expensive. Once your site gets the desired traffic, you can invest in them.

» Many existing websites have also realized the value of capitalizing on steady couples, and have started websites for them. These websites plan activities or experiences for such couples to spend time together. There are websites that offer exciting personality tests and interesting statistics to retain members.

» Many websites also contain articles and blogs on relationships and love which further draws more traffic to the website. You can also add testimonials of people who have found their partners through your website, this will lend credibility to your site.
Promote Your Website

» Get enlisted on all the free directories. Start pages for your website on all the social networking platforms, and get as many followers as possible.

» You can also use the MyAds feature of Myspace and get paid ads on Facebook. Apart from this, you should also pay for online banners, and invest in affiliate programs.

» These measures can drive traffic to your website. Also, employ traditional means of advertising and marketing to enable single people to know about your website.
Ensure Security and Safety
» Recently, a woman sued the website match.com because the person she met through the website tried to kill her. Due to the increased number of crimes involved in online dating, it becomes imperative that you site contains certain filters before accepting a user’s profile.

» Apart from this, many states follow the Internet Dating Safety Act, which requires the dating website to declare whether they carry out background checks on their members. Any violation of the act may invite a heavy fine.

» You must also have a code of conduct for your members banning nudity, racism, plagiarism, pornography, terrorism, spam, etc. You should make them aware about the pitfalls of online dating. You must also encourage your members to report any incident which involves the things mentioned above.
Know the Challenge
» Remember that user interest is fairly short-lived. Once a user creates an account on the website and finds a partner, who he thinks is his soul-mate, will practically abandon the website only to emerge after a breakup or a long gap.

» He may even prefer to join some other website. Hence, it is very challenging to keep expanding your user base.

» Hence, you must keep the members interested by regularly adding innovative features.
Hope these essential tips for starting a successful dating website will help you take your venture to new heights. You will have to create a unique user-friendly website which will click with the users. This will ensure that your members keep increasing steadily. The more members you get, the more investors will be ready to invest in your site. You can expand your business by starting dating websites for various niches. Initially, the numbers may rise slowly, but do not let this affect your morale. Once the website gains popularity, there will be no looking back.