Simple Home Business Marketing Ideas for You

Home business marketing can be done both inexpensively and effectively with clever use of the advertising resources available to you. When you start a home business the biggest challenge is finding customers for your product or service. Use these practical solutions for advertising your home business while working within your budget.

Make your own business cards

It is simple and inexpensive to design and print your own business cards. If you have some computer skills you can create your own business cards in a program such as Publisher and use a desktop printer to print a number of cards. Alternatively you can take your design ideas to a commercial printer to help you create and print your business cards. Some online business card services let you put your own information into a standard layout or to customize one of their layouts from about $20 for 500 cards.

Make the best use of your business card for home business marketing with these tips:

  • Never leave home without your business cards. At any relevant opportunity hand out your business card. A trip to the grocery store can be a constructive networking opportunity.
  • When giving out your business card ask for a referral. Simply state that you would appreciate a referral if they know of anyone who could use your services.
  • Make use of social gatherings. Don’t discount events such as birthday parties as an opportunity to tell people about your business and hand out your business card.
  • Always include your business card when you supply a customer with your product. For example when you deliver a gift basket make sure your business card is inside the basket. This results in both new and repeat business.
  • Purchase an inexpensive business card stand and place about 10 – 20 cards in different locations such as your gas station, hairdresser, local convenience store, beauty salons, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and health clinics etc.

You can take it a step further and turn your business card into a promotional item that can be used such as a fridge magnet, drink coaster or book mark.

Make a flyer for your home business

Flyers are a very affordable and effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers. You can either design and print your own flyer on your home computer using anything from MS Word to Publisher. Free flyer templates are available on the web or you can use a commercial printer. How you write and design your flyer is all important to getting the reader’s attention and making sure your flyer works for you.

Snappy headlines, good graphics and a strong call to action all help to get the reader’s interest. Make sure your message speaks directly to the reader by highlighting what’s in it for them to use your product or service. Words like “You” and “Your” are much more effective than “”We” and “Us”.

Make the best use of your flyer for home business marketing with these tips:

  • Target your potential customers both demographically and geographically. If you are offering a dog walking service your potential customers are people who are at work all day, elderly people and people who live in apartments. Your flyers will find a receptive audience in offices, retirement communities and large apartment buildings.
  • Focus on the benefit of your product or service to the reader. People generally want something that will solve their problems and make their lives easier and better. Tell the reader how your product does this.
  • Include endorsements and testimonials in your flyer. People want to be able to trust a product or service.
  • Offer a discount or something free. A special offer included in your flyer encourages people to keep it and not bin it.

These are two of the least expensive approaches to home business marketing. Use them properly and they can be an efficient and effective way to find customers.