Ways How Blogging Helps SEO

With Google bringing out new modifications to its algorithm regularly, it becomes a herculean task to drive up your ratings. As we get comfortable with the rules, Google continuously turn out strategies upside down, leaving us bewildered.

Good Content

If content is King, Google knows how to value fresh content. Search engines like Google & Bing are out to provide quality web pages. If you update your blog quite often with fresh and neatly written content, it is more likely that Google finds it and improve its ranking as needed. If you are a blogger, it’s your responsibility to create content which fosters relationship with the users followed by maintaining a stature as an expert in your field and most significantly appease Google to up your index rankings.


Although backlinking has become an obsolete term and Google is giving lesser priority, but still it can do good to develop relationship with other websites and brands in the right manner. Well, if you pay for your link, make sure you add in no follow designation, or else there is a chance of getting penalized. Select websites that suits well with your blog’s persona. You are most likely going to get a ding from Google if its crawlers find entirely different websites linked to yours. Remember, quality links from leading websites are most likely to get you Google’s ranking favors.


Keywords at times were ruling the roost. Google tend to punish those who tend to stuff keywords in their blogs and websites. It is more of a long tail keywords and phrases that user is likely to search. Honestly speaking, customers search for queries to solve the dilemmas they come across in everyday lives.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can get you some amazing SEO results to your blog. For this to happen, you need to be bit careful. By following the Google’s guidelines, the guest blog is certainly going to drive traffic to your blog.

Finally, if social media is utilized the right way, it can boost the SEO of your website. Since you add Google+, Facebook and other social media sites to your website, the search engines tend to link them to your site as users search for your blogs and services.